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Throw away old backup tapes.  Eliminate that overnight backup Window.  Save money.

For both physical and virtual environments, AppAssure is the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution on the planet.  Bar none.  

Take continuous, error-free, de-duplicated, live backups of all your critical data and computers, replicate the backups to multiple locations, and instantly restore to or from both physical and virtual environments.

Winner of numerous awards including Windows IT Pro 2011's "Best Backup Software" and "Best Disaster Recovery".

Key Features

THE fastest, easiest, most secure, user friendly backup, disaster recovery and replication solution on the planet.  
Continuous, application level backups of Windows, Exchange, SQL, and Sharepoint - either running on physical hardware or as a virtual machine on VMware, Hyper-V or Xen.
Eliminates your backup window and corrupt backups COMPLETELY.
AppAssure is 40x faster and uses >90% less resources than Backup Exec, Veeam, Acronis and other host based products..!
For DR, automatically replicate your backups to multiple locations - onsite, offsite or in a private cloud.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Backup and restore from disparate hardware and platform types for faultless, ultra fast recovery.   e.g. Backup a physical server and restore it instantly to either to another "bare bones" physical server or to a virtual machine - automatically of course...!
With continuous backups there is no more downtime or data loss while reverting to last nights backup - assuming last nights tape backup even completed properly!
Mount any snapshot, at any point in time in seconds, and restore single files, folders, emails - anything, instantly...
ONE single licence for VMware, Hyper-V or Xen includes everything - backup and replicate ALL your VM's, Windows Servers, SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint - no separate agents to buy!
AppAssure will quickly become the key part of your DR strategy.
Not just a virtual solution - works on physical hardware also.  More comprehensive, faster, more flexible, application level, more platform and environment support than Veeam.
Eliminate data loss caused by long backup windows through incremental, live, forever snapshots.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Guaranteed 100% data integrity and recoverability via full integrity checking.
"Rollup and Retention".  YOU decide how long you want to keep your backups for - every 5 minutes forever?.
Data de-duplication and compression reduces storage costs by >80%.
Immediate data availability.   Instantly mount backup snapshots, Exchange stores and SQL Databases for ultra-fast restores and data mining.
"Push Button" fail over to hot standby virtual machines.
Backups / snapshots can be stored on ANY combination of local, remote, removable, DAS, NAS, SAN or Cloud storage.
Tightly integrated with VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Exchange, SQL and SharePoint for true file / table / individual mailbox item level restores.
Granular application-level restores.    Restore individual e-mail, SQL tables, and SharePoint documents directly from the snapshot.
Enterprise console for managing large environments from a single pane of glass.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Instant recoveries of large data volumes reducing application and user downtime.
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