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Tripwire Enterprise is the only change auditing software you need to demonstrate compliance, increase availability and enhance security. Providing detective control for independent, verifiable evidence of integrity and compliance status.  Increasing availability by alerting IT of any change and enabling quick remediation. 24/7 security is provided for up to 10,000 file systems and 100,000 network devices, monitoring unauthorised changes and recording the details necessary for investigation.

Prove Compliance, Increase Availability and enhance security with a single deployment.

1. Compliance
Tripwire Enterprise demonstrates compliance by graphically reporting change status and process integrity across the entire IT infrastructure. Compliance reports show noncompliant systems and ineffective or circumvented IT processes such as change management. Sarbannes Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, OCC, ISO17799, Visa CISP/PCI and Basel 2 are all covered.

2. Availability
Tripwire Enterprise enforces change management processes to increase IT service availability, and if outages occur, answers the question ''What has changed?'' Swiftly finding changes and focusing remediation, Tripwire Enterprise can direct 3rd party tools to restore the system to its trusted state.

3. Security
Tripwire Enterprise enhances security by notifying of all undesired changes, according to severity, and shows who made the change, what change was made, when the change was made, and how the change was made.

With Tripwire Enterprise you can:

- Use a single control point for auditing changes across heterogeneous servers, desktops, routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers.
- Compile independent proof of infrastrucuture and process integrity through continuous detection, reconciliation and reporting of manual and automated changes
- Employ automatic reconciliation of detected changes with authorised and intended changes to validate that authorised changes are deployed as expected and appropriate action is taken if undesired changes occur.
- View a change archive to include who made the changes, what changes were made, and how the changes were made.

For information on Tripwire Enterprise or Tripwire for Servers, please contact us direct on 01782 720229 or email

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