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We are pleased to offer a range of free productivity tools which have been tested to work with SafeStick.

As with all StickApps, one or more of these useful apps can be automatically "pushed" out onto all of your users SafeSticks via SafeConsole, and can be (optionally) initialised automatically every time a user unlocks their SafeStick.

More productivity apps are being added all the time - if you have a specific need please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

Why Publish a Free StickApp for your users?  Convenience - imagine all your SafeStick users being able to communicate with the office via Skype without having to install anything on the host PC for example....
Free StickApps


Opera Web Browser

Sumatra PDF Reader


Pidgin IM Client

Google Chrome Browser

AbiWord - fully featured word processor

Gnumeric - spreadsheet

**Open Office

Technical Requirements

SafeConsole v4.02+ Enforce and Enable Edition

SafeStick or SafeStick SuperSonic - v4.02 firmware or higher

Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 - see individual "Readme" for details.

You can publish as many StickApps as you like at the same time - the only limitation is available space on users SafeSticks.

** Due to the potential size of OpenOffice >300Mb ( depending on the apps in the suite you wish to deploy) it is not included in the SafeApps package. It has been tested and works with SafeStick, and instructions for deployment and installation on SafeStick are available on request. 

StickApps Installation Guide for SafeConsole- PDF

StickApps Datasheet - PDF

Some Free StickApps such as Firefox, Pidgin and Opera, are open source applications which are distributed free of charge under the GPL licence. 

Some apps - such as Skype and Google Chrome - are distributed in original form without modification, and you must read and agree to the supplied EULA before use.

Download Now

Other SafeApps Available:

Password Manager


VPN Client

FREE StickApps: Skype, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Pidgin, Spreadsheet, Word Processor

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