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DeviceLock DLP Suite v7 allows organisations to lock down, take control of, and fully audit the use of all USB and other removable devices such as iPhone, iPads, PDA's, smart phones such as Blackberry, Windows mobile, Android, CD/DVD drives, Tape Drives, Wifi, bluetooth, camera phones - in fact ALL removable devices instantly.

ContentLock Module provides true endpoint Data Leak Protection (DLP). Monitor and filter endpoint traffic for DLP threats in files and data objects using context, regular expressions, boolean operators, regular expressions and control more than 4000 file types! Dozens of templates are provided.

v7 NetworkLock Module. Selectively control hard to reach Network Communications and applications for DLP threats. Monitor, filter and control HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/Telnet, as well as social network applications such as Facebook and Twitter, Instant Messaging applications and more.

Key Features:

PC Pro & SC Magazine both review DeviceLock V7 DLP Suite
DeviceLock receives 5 stars overall, and maximum 6 stars for for features and design!

Lockdown and control access to USB and FireWire ports, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, CD/DVD, floppy drives, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, windows mobile, cameras, tape drives, printer - in fact ANY removable devices. Instantly.

Full endpoint DLP recognising more than 80 file types, as well as content inspection of email, IM, web forms, social network exchanges is now available via the new ContentLock Module
devicelock buy uk pricing and support Control hard to reach social networking applications such as FaceBook, Twitter and IM, as well as HTTP/HTTPS/FTP and Telnet with the new NetworkLock Module

Its huge - but review the entire feature list from our distribution partner.

The ONLY solution available to provide both 32 and 64-bit Windows XP, Windows 7, 2003, 2008 R2 and Vista support.

While the feature list is truly extensive, it is important to note that DeviceLock is incredibly simple to install, manage and maintain - typically taking 15 minutes to install onto a network of 1000 PC's...

DLP control - via the ContentLock module. Selectively mionitor and control who-does-what with any kind of data, based on any number of conditions. Even control the clipboard.
Works perfectly with SafeStick. Instantly lock down access to ALL removable devices except for your approved, encrypted SafeSticks!

Data Shadowing - take a copy of all information copied to or from a USB / removable device.
Media Whitelist - authorise devices based on the specific data they contain.

Installation of the DeviceLock service onto client PC's takes seconds and is done centrally via Group Policy or via a central DeviceLock management console. No need to visit each PC.
Full forensic reporting and auditing.

Set removable devices for read-only mode.

Control access to devices depending on username, group membership, time of the day and the day of the week.

Create the white list of approved USB and other devices that will not be locked regardless of any other settings.
Generate full reports on device usage, permissions and policy.

Do you KNOW what USB and other removable devices are being used on your network right now?

Find out with PnP Auditor - our completely free software audit utility.

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